Awareness Ribbon Colors

Awareness Ribbon Colors

Show your support and spread awareness of the causes you care about by making our Awareness Ribbon foundation paper piecing pattern. Here's a list of causes and colors, just for you! We'll update it from time to time, so if you have any updates, please let us know.

Find the colors you need in our monochrome fabric bundles. We suggest the following color families:

  • blue cyan for blue ribbons
  • blue for purple ribbons (blue is actually more purple-looking than blue-looking! look at the CMY Color Wheel for proof!)
  • cyan for turquoise and teal ribbons


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Thanks for watching! To get the free awareness ribbon pattern, go to: Just click on the size of block you would like, and the pdf will pop up for you. Thanks!

Angela at Sewfinity

Saw you on byAnnie today! Thank you for all the tips, I don’t know anything about fpp!! I would love to print a copy of the awareness ribbons, how can I do that? Also, thank you for the pattern for the ribbon. My mom had breast cancer, my Dad had lymphoma and I had melanoma! So lots of history with the ribbons! Thanks, Helen Scott

Helen Scott

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