I have a question that's not covered here. How do I contact you?
See our contact page.

Who writes and designs Sewfinity's website?
Sewfinity's website designer and author is Angela Bowman. (With the trusty help of Shopify). The talented folks at Kampfire Media designed Sewfinity's logo.

Where is Sewfinity located?
Our warehouse is in Meridian, Idaho, USA. We're an online-only shop, so we don't have a physical storefront for in-person shopping. But we welcome local pickups!

How can I subscribe to your e-newsletter?
Subscribe here

I'd like to learn how to sew. What should I do?
Start by getting this book by Shea Henderson: School of Sewing (affiliate link). We love this book.


How do you source your products?
We seek sewing supplies that are tried and true. Stuff that has been around for a long time, or newer items that are simply awesome. We keep our selection tight and focused. Your sewing experience should be fantastic, and we're doing our best to create a fantastic curated product experience - just for you. We love to sew as much as you do, and try lots of different materials so we can narrow down to what we think is the very best.

Why are you only selling solid fabrics and not prints?
Because solids are awesome. And, because they're going to be around for a long long time, and we decided to invest the time to create exceptional experiences around these "evergreen" basic fabrics. We may decide to carry limited prints in the future, but for now, solids rule.

How is fabric sold?
We sell fabric in fat quarter cuts (18" x 22") and by the yard in 1/4-yard increments with a minimum 1/2-yard cut. We also offer some fun precut fabric bundles.

What is a fat quarter?
A fat quarter (FQ) is a piece of fabric measuring 18" x half the width of fabric. For quilting cotton, that's 18" x 22". An FQ yields more variety of cut shapes than a quarter-yard of fabric (9“ x 44”), and is therefore more versatile for patchwork and quilting. An FQ is sometimes indicated as 18“ x 21”, which is the approximate size after removing the selvage. It’s cut by cutting a half-yard of quilting cotton (18“ x 44”) in half again.

Can I order a fabric swatch?
No, but a fat quarter is a great way to get a swatch.

Why do you label your fabrics?
We label most of our fabrics because there are hundreds of colors, and we want to help you keep them all organized. When you order from us, you'll see a nice little sticker on the selvage with the fabric and collection names.

I ordered 2.25 yards but my shopping cart temporarily shows a quantity of 9. The dollar amount is correct for 2.25 yards, though. What's the deal?
9 is not 9 yards, rather it is 9 quarter-yards. It's just so we can offer you fabric in quarter-yard increments instead of whole-yards only. We started this in September 2022, and it's something we are very excited to finally offer! 

Value 5 Pure? Value 1 Tint? Value 9 Shade? What do these numbers mean?
Imagine 12 total colors, lined up in a row.
6 are pure colors: yellow, red, magenta, blue, cyan, and green.
6 are connector colors: orange, red magenta, violet, blue cyan, green cyan, and yellow green.
Each of those 12 colors has 9 values:
Value 1 is the lightest, value 5 is the pure color, and value 9 is the darkest.


Do you sell gift cards?
Yes indeed, digital ones. Find them here: Sewfinity Gift Card 

Do you have any sales or discounts?
Not many. We're focusing on providing a great experience, not on being a loss leader. We want you to buy our products because they're the best, not because they're the best deal.

What's your shipping policy?
It's short and sweet, and found on our shipping page.

Can I pick up my order at your location in Meridian?
Yes, you can! It's a great way to save shipping costs, plus it'd be cool to meet you! At online checkout, select "Pick up" as the delivery method. You'll get an email when your order is ready (usually in about a few hours). We are open for pickups 10am - 4pm Monday through Friday. We are closed on weekends and major holidays. Bring your confirmation email when you come to collect your order, so we can verify it's you!

I get an error at online checkout, saying "Shipping not available for selected address." What's the deal?
It could be one of 2 things:

Your order includes batting. Since it's such a bulky item, we don't ship batting, so it's only available for local pickup at our Meridian Idaho location. It just costs so much to ship. If you'd like to purchase other items to be shipped to you, please complete a separate order. 

Or it could be that you are located in the European Union or the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, we are not set up to handle the VAT regulations that are required for selling to customers in the EU/UK. We appreciate that you want to buy from us, but hope you are able to find a shop that's local to you.

What's your return policy?
We want you to be happy with your purchase, and will do our best to take care of any issue that comes up. Take a look at our return policy.

What payments do you accept?
We accept the credit cards shown at the bottom of this page.

Is your site secure?
Sewfinity is hosted on an industrial strength ecommerce platform called Shopify. All Sewfinity transactions happen securely over SSL (secure sockets layer), an encryption protocol that keeps your credit card information secure. For more info, read our privacy policy.

What's your privacy policy?
We know the importance of your privacy. Here's our privacy policy.

Do you wholesale?
Yep, for our own branded products. If you're a shop owner or buyer, and would like to carry our products, learn more on our wholesale page.