Best Buds Quilt: Color Ideas

Best Buds Quilt: Color Ideas

The Best Buds quilt pattern is available at Sewfinity!

Best Buds Quilt Pattern by Pen and Paper Patterns -


Why We Like It

Best Buds is a flower quilt that looks pop-arty cool with just 3 colors, or you can make a scrappy version with a pile of fat quarters. All the shapes in this quilt are simple, it's all conventional piecing, and the blocks are a large 14" square.

Best Buds quilt pattern by Pen and Paper Patterns -


Color Ideas

Best Buds is designed as a 3-color quilt, and the cover quilt is a super-cute pink-orange-cream combo. But what would it look like in other colors? Let's find out!

All of these mockups are for the throw size. To make one of the other sizes, just follow the pattern fabric requirements to get the yardage you need.

3 Fabrics

There's a reason the pattern calls for 3 colors: it has such a striking pop-art graphic feel. Here are some color ideas that follow this 3-color theme, all in Kona Cotton:  

Daisy Vibe = Stratosphere + Buttercup + White


Sunflower Vibe = Snow + Black + Corn Yellow


Here's one for the Boise State Bronco fans!  Surf + Kumquat + Snow


And how about you Swiftie-Chiefs fans? Black + Red + Snow


If you want to keep the quilt to a single color family, here's a couple ideas in magenta. But you could do this in any color - just use 3 values of a single color. To find fabric options at, Shop Fabric and select your color choice in the Color filter in the sidebar.

Light Magenta Monochrome = Ballet Slipper + Carnation + Honeysuckle


Dark Magenta Monochrome = BlackCeriseBrt Pink


30 Fat Quarters

If you read the back cover of the pattern, you'll see that you can use 30 FQ to make a scrappy version. Here's a scrappy mockup of 30 completely random colors of Kona Cotton.


To have more color control, you could limit your choices to just a couple color families. Here's what you can get with a color-themed fat quarter bundle. This uses the PURE Solids Blossoming Bundle and 7 neutral greyscale solids of your choice by Art Gallery Fabrics


Diagonal Gradient

What if the background squares formed a gradient diagonally? Here are two ideas. 

First, a warm gradient in Art Gallery Fabrics' PURE Solids. Yum. 

Background squares (starting from bottom-left-corner) = Dried Roses + BewitchedSweet Fig + Mauvelous + Blushing + GrapefruitBlossomed + CinnamonMiami Sunset + Terracotta Tile

Flowers = SnowCrystal Pink + Field of Lavender


Let's end with a rainbow of Kona Cotton! 

Background squares (starting from bottom-left-corner) = Lipstick + Watermelon + Honeysuckle + Geranium + Tulip + RegattaTurquoise + Bluegrass + Clover + Parrot

Flowers = Black + Chalkboard


hope you enjoyed these color ideas - there are so many possibilities!

See what others are making and share your projects using #BestBudsQuilt on Instagram or Facebook. And tag us @Sewfinity so we can see!

Get the Best Buds quilt pattern and have fun sewing!

Best Buds quilt pattern by Pen and Paper Patterns - 


by Angela Bowman, Owner of Sewfinity

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