How to Make a Face Mask: a Free Sewing Pattern

How to Make a Face Mask: a Free Sewing Pattern

Slow the spread. Make this non-medical grade face mask and wear it to protect others.

Sewfinity STS Face Mask

We've made the pattern available for free: STS Face Mask Sewing Pattern (Slow The Spread)


The pleated design fits many face shapes and sizes, giving good coverage and a nice snug fit on the face and under the chin. If you talk while wearing it, it'll stay on. The fabric ties make it adjustable and latex-free.

The construction is simple, which is great for sewing big batches of masks. Two fabric squares and 2 tie strips make it straight-forward. The tie ends don't need finishing since they're made of selvages. And pins or clips are NOT required.

It's a great use of quilting cotton and common pre-cut sizes like 10" squares and fat quarters are perfect for the squares. It's made entirely of quilting cotton, which is great for sanitization.

The variation in sizes (5!) give you lots of customizing options. Size M medium fits my entire family: me, my husband, my 20-yr old son, and my 13-yr old daughter. There's also a variation for inserting an optional filter. 

STS Face Mask by Sewfinity


  • Watch our video tutorial. 
  • Read the CDC guidelines on cloth face covers. Please, read it. It's short, to-the-point, and has helpful info on when and how to wear face masks.
  • Wash the mask after each use. Since it's made of cotton it retains moisture, so make sure to wash in hot water to sanitize. Quilting cotton handles hot water no problem!
  • Make multiples so that each person has several masks. Having clean masks always available makes it less likely that dirty ones will be reused.


Any tightly-woven quilting cotton is ideal for this project, and we have tons of it at Whether you choose fabric by the yard or our bundles, you can't go wrong.



Stay tuned to see the masks that we make.


See what others are making and share your STS Face Mask projects using #STSFaceMask on Instagram/Facebook. And tag us @sewfinity so we can see!


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