Knitted Star Quilt Pattern

Knitted Star Quilt Pattern

The Knitted Star Quilt Pattern is now available at Sewfinity!

Knitted Star Quilt Pattern by Lo & Behold Stitchery -

Why We Like It

Designed by Brittany of Lo & Behold Stitchery, the Knitted Star Quilt is the perfect winter quilt. It's a Fair Isle style, with a repeat pattern of "knitted" stars. Wouldn't it look perfect on your bed in the winter months?

It's an intricate quilt that's has definite "wow" factor thanks to the many small strips. And it's way easier to put together than you'd think, since it's strip-pieced. Thanks for that, Brittany! Make the snowflakes a single color for a classic look, or go multi-colored for some really fun versions.

There are 3 sizes to choose from, and we love that the fabric requirements are simple for the 62" throw size quilt top. Our solid bundles and yardage work great!

  • 2-color version: 3 yards of background + 2 yards for snowflakes
  • multi-color version: 3 yards of background + 8 fat quarters for snowflakes

    Tips + Tutorials

    Inspiration + Ideas

    Match-making our Kona Cotton Solids to the Knitted Star quilt pattern was really fun and it was so inspiring to see so many color palettes come to life. Enjoy these digital mockups!


    Follow the "modern" instructions and our color suggestions below to get some absolutely beautiful versions. All you need for the quilt top are 8 colors from 2 of our Monochrome 5 fat quarter bundles plus 3 yards of dark background.

    • Magenta + Green Cyan
    • Red Magenta + Green
    • Red + Magenta
    • Cyan + Green Cyan
    • Violet + Blue Cyan
    • Cyan + Blue Cyan

    Knitted Star Quilt - multiple colors - Sewfinity


    Follow the "modern" instructions and our color suggestions below to get some sweet rainbow versions. Choose 8 colors from one of our Rainbow 12 fat quarter bundles plus 3 yards of background (light, medium, or dark).

    Knitted Star Quilt - rainbow colors - Sewfinity


    Follow the "modern" instructions and our color suggestions below to get some nice monochrome versions. Choose 8 fat quarters from our Monochrome 9 fat quarter bundles plus 3 yards of dark background.

    Warm colors:

    Knitted Star Quilt - warm colors - Sewfinity

    Cool colors:

    Knitted Star Quilt - cool colors - Sewfinity


    The most classic version is the most simple. Here are ideas of lights, mediums, and darks representing the 12 colors on the CMY color wheel.

    Light: ButtercupCantaloupeNectarineSalmonSassy PinkDahliaLapisBlue JayJamaicaFerndaleCypressAsparagus

    Knitted Star Quilt - light colors - Sewfinity

    Medium: Bright IdeaSchool BusRedPomegranateBrt PinkHeliotropeTulipAstralTurquoiseKaleHollyKiwi

    Knitted Star Quilt - medium colors - Sewfinity

    Dark: PickleCinnamonPaprikaRubySangriaDk VioletRivieraHarborMediterraneanKellyBasilPalm

    Knitted Star Quilt - dark colors - Sewfinity

    See what others are making and share your projects using #KnittedStarQuilt on Instagram or Facebook. And tag us @Sewfinity so we can see!

    Get the Knitted Star Quilt Pattern and have fun sewing!

    Knitted Star Quilt Pattern by Lo and Behold Stitchery

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    Hi Kathy! Look at pages 2 and 3 and you’ll see the dimensions for the cornerstones.

    Angela @ Sewfinity

    How wide are the sashing strips/ corner stones that go between the blocks on the Knitted Star. I have the pattern but for some reason can’t seem to find these dimensions. Thank you.

    Kathy Martin

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