Sea Breeze Quilt Pattern

Sea Breeze Quilt Pattern

The Sea Breeze quilt pattern is available at Sewfinity!

Sea Breeze quilt mockup by Sewfinity


Why We Like It

Sea Breeze is a geometric design inspired by sea waves. Simple shapes and 2-at-a-time half-square triangle piecing make it a straight-forward sew. 

Inspiration + Ideas

Match-making solids to the Sea Breeze quilt pattern gives SO many color possibilities! And it's really interesting to see how fabric color choice completely changes the look of this quilt.

All of these mockups work for any of the quilt sizes: baby, throw, or queen. Just follow the pattern fabric requirements to get the yardage you need in 3 colors plus a neutral background.

Light/Medium/Dark Color Values

The pattern calls for 3 color fabrics, and the cover quilt shows 3 different color values: light for Fabric A, medium for Fabric B, and dark for Fabric C. These differences in lights/darks are very important in this pattern. 

Here at Sewfinity we know importance of color value, so much so that we assign a color value to every fabric we sell. We use an 11-step value scale: 0 lightest to 10 darkest. To see these in action at, Shop Fabric then use the Color Value filter option in the sidebar. 

For the cover quilt, we figure that Fabrics A, B, and C use values 2, 4, and 6. But what would these values look like in other fabric colors? And what if we change up the values? These mockups showcase the answers for every color of the CMY color wheel on both light and dark backgrounds.

Left: values 1, 3, and 5

Center: values 3, 5, and 7

Right: values 6, 7, and 9/10

Sea Breeze quilt mockups by Sewfinity

Sea Breeze quilt mockups by Sewfinity

Sea Breeze quilt mockups by Sewfinity


On dark backgrounds they look completely different! 

Sea Breeze quilt mockups by Sewfinity

Sea Breeze quilt mockups by Sewfinity

Sea Breeze quilt mockups by Sewfinity


Neutral colors (brown and grey):

Sea Breeze quilt mockups by Sewfinity

Sea Breeze quilt mockups by Sewfinity  


Changing the color value placement and putting it on a dark background gives an almost three-dimensional effect! The color values are 6, 5, and 4 for Fabrics A, B, and C. 

Again, to find fabric options at, Shop Fabric, select your color choice in the Color filter in the sidebar, then use the Color Value filter option. 

Sea Breeze quilt mockups by Sewfinity


Again on a dark background, changing the color value placement gives an interesting effect - this time, PLAID! These are dark values 9, 7, and 8 for Fabrics A, B, and C.

Sea Breeze quilt mockups by Sewfinity 

Here's the grey version of values 9, 7, and 8. It doesn't give me plaid vibes, but wouldn't it be perfect for a guy who doesn't know that quilts can be cool?

Sea Breeze quilt mockup in dark greys by Sewfinity


PURE Solids by Art Gallery Fabrics

Here are some inspiring fabric combos using a variety of PURE Solids:

Cotton Candy + Ethereal Pink + Crystal Pink

Miami Sunset + Sweet Pink + Raspberry Rose

Quartz Pink + Blossomed + Raspberry Rose

Mauvelous + Field of Lavender + Sweet Fig

Mauvelous + Verve Violet + Purple Pansy

Mauvelous + Potter's Clay + Cabernet

 Crystalline + Maldives + Medditeraneo

Maldives + Tile Blue + Peacock

Fresh Water + Maldives + Peacock

Sea Breeze quilt mockups with PURE Solids by Sewfinity

Golden Bronze + Patina Green + Garden Fern

Pistachio Creme + Sweet Mint + Dried Moss

Light Citron + Dark Citron + Garden Fern

Georgia Peach + Peach Sherbert + Apricot Crepe

Apricot Crepe + Georgia Peach + Sweet Tangerine

Mandarin + Blushing + Terracotta Tile

Macchiato + Gentle Feather + Mink

Sandstone + Creme de la Creme + Vanilla Custard

Vintage Walnut + Mink + Coffee Bean

 Sea Breeze quilt mockups with PURE Solids by Sewfinity

Kona Cotton Solids by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Here are some particularly good fabric combos using a variety of Kona Cotton Solids:

Creamsicle + Woodrose + Valentine

Copen + Jungle + Evergreen

Magenta + Wasabi + Coffee

Mac and Cheese + Azalea + Pomegranate

Bright Idea + Turquoise + Indigo

Lagoon + Cayenne + Mahogany

Jade Green + Grasshopper + Forest

Goldfish + Oasis + Nautical

Dahlia + Oasis + Indigo 

Sea Breeze quilt mockups with Kona Cotton by Sewfinity


I hope you enjoyed these mockups - there are so many possibilities with this pattern!

See what others are making and share your projects using #SeaBreezeQuilt on Instagram or Facebook. And tag us @Sewfinity so we can see!

Get the Sea Breeze quilt pattern  and have fun sewing!

Sea Breeze quilt pattern by Initial K Studio - Sewfinity 

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This page really shows a LOT of information about colors and how it can change the feel and look of a quilt. Thank you for putting it on your blog. Its very helpful.


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