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The Vintage Lace Quilt Pattern is now available at Sewfinity!

Why We Like It

Let’s start by stating this fact: the Vintage Lace Quilt design is beautiful. Coming to you from Brittany of Lo and Behold Stitchery, her design translation of intricate lace into a quilt is so uniquely gorgeous.

Vintage Lace Quilt by Lo and Behold Stitchery

Anyone who loves the simplicity of a 2-color quilt will love this quilt. Wouldn’t it be perfect for a milestone anniversary, a wedding gift, or just beautiful quilt for your bed? The design is so versatile, it would undoubtedly look good in Christmas and patriotic colors, too.

The many variations in sizes and style give you lots of customizing options. Choose among 3 sizes (baby, throw, bed) and 2- or 8-color variations to make traditional or modern versions.

It’s a straight-forward sew: simple shapes and 8-at-a-time half-square triangle piecing make it uncomplicated. Yes, there’s quite a bit of HST trimming, but it’s therapeutic and so worth it for this quilt design.

We love that the fabric requirements are simple for the 72“ throw size quilt top, and our solid bundles and yardage work perfectly:

  • 2-color version: 4 yards of background + 2 yards
  • 8-color version: 4 yards of background + 12 fat quarters

Tips + Tutorials

Making the Vintage Lace Quilt? Don’t miss these!

Inspiration + Ideas


We sure had fun making digital mockups to match-make our fabric to the throw-size quilt pattern. It was hard to stop making color variations! To find out what Kona colors these contain, don't miss our Vintage Lace Quilt Pinterest board.

2-color: White

The most traditional of our mockups, these 2-color whites are just lovely. Which is your fave? Mine is Kona Cotton Regatta + Kona Cotton White.

Vintage Lace Quilt Pattern mockups in white

Vintage Lace Quilt mockup in blue

2-color: Black

These black lace versions give a little racier vibe, don’t ya think? I almost chose the moody violet version (middle-center) as my favorite, but I ended up liking Kona Black + Kona Regatta the best.

Vintage Lace Quilt mockups in black

Vintage Lace Quilt mockup in black

2-color: Various Colors

Randomizing color combinations of our Kona Cotton by the yard yielded some pretty inspiring quilt renderings. My two favorites are tone-on-tones: Kona Peacock + Kona Aqua and Kona Geranium + Kona Berry.

Vintage Lace Quilt 2-color mockups

Vintage Lace Quilt mockup - Kona Peacock and Kona Aqua

Vintage Lace Quilt mockup - Kona Geranium and Kona Berry

2 Monochrome 9 Bundles

If you grab two of our Monochrome 9 fat quarter bundles plus some white yardage, here’s what you can get. Pretty, huh? Just choose 12 of the colors, having 5 FQ leftover. Shown are Cyan + Violet, Red + Magenta, Green Cyan + Cyan, and Yellow + Green.

Vintage Lace Quilt mockups

Monochrome + Greyscale Dark

If you mix one of our Monochrome 9 FQ bundles with a Greyscale Dark 3 FQ bundle, you get a monochromatic result. Shown are Magenta, Green, Cyan, and Violet.

Vintage Lace Quilt mockups

Rainbow 12 + Black on White Background

Our Rainbow 12 FQ bundle plus a yard of black against a white background, you get a fun and colorful quilt that’s perfect for rainbow lovers. My favorite? The Rainbow value 5, the purest and brightest of our bundles.

Vintage Lace Quilt mockups | Sewfinity.com

Vintage Lace Quilt mockup | Sewfinity.com

Rainbow 12 + White on Black Background

Our Rainbow 12 FQ bundle plus a yard of white against a black background gets a super-bright and eye-popping quilt. It was a really hard choice to pick a favorite on this one, but I’ll go with the Rainbow value 7, the darkest one.
Vintage Lace Quilt mockups | Sewfinity.com

Vintage Lace Quilt mockup | Sewfinity.com

2 Rainbow 6 Bundles

If you mix two of our Rainbow 6 FQ bundles, you’ll get a cheery and playful quilt. My favorite is the top-left combo, mixing value 1 (light) with value 5 (pure).
Vintage Lace Quilt mockups | Sewfinity.com

Vintage Lace Quilt rainbow mockup | Sewfinity.com

Our Projects

Stay tuned to see what version Angela decides to make.

Others’ Projects

Get inspired by all the other sewists in internet-land! Check out #vintagelacequilt on Instagram/Facebook and follow our Vintage Lace Quilt Pinterest board where we’ll pin our favorites. Are you making one with all solids? Grab the Vintage Lace Quilt Pattern, pick out your fabric, sew up the quilt, and tag us @sewfinity on social media so we can see!

4 Responses

Angela @ Sewfinity
Angela @ Sewfinity

February 25, 2021

Hi Beverly, I’m sure I can help you get what you need! Which mockup would you like to make?


February 25, 2021

I am looking for a kit for vintage lace quilt. Where would I find one?

Angela @ Sewfinity
Angela @ Sewfinity

January 19, 2020

Hi Kristy! I used Adobe Illustrator.


January 19, 2020

Could you share how you did the mock ups?

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