How to Make a Patchwork Pillow Cover: A Free Sewing Pattern

How to Make a Patchwork Pillow Cover: A Free Sewing Pattern

Sometimes you need a throw pillow for your couch. Or for your bed. Or for your chair. Or for whatever.

Sure, you could go buy a pillow, but odds are it won't have the look you're going for. You should make a pillow cover. It's simple to sew and you will get the custom pillow you want.

Patchwork Pillow Cover - Sewfinity

We've made a free sewing pattern that teaches you how to make a pillow cover: Patchwork Pillow Cover

Why We Like It

It's soft allover. Put your head on on this pillow or hug it as much as you want, and you won't get scratched since there's no hardware involved. It's made entirely of fabric, so no worries if you don't have a zipper on hand (or don't feel like sewing a zipper).

It's well-made. It has no exposed raw edges, meaning it'll launder well and last for years. We included a neat trick that prevents floppy corners, which can happen when you put a 3D pillow form into a 2D pillow cover. And the fabric ties enclose the back and cinch the pillow just right to give a nice shape.

The variations in sizes and features give you many modification options. There are 6 sizes plus we've included the math for you to make a pillow cover in any size. Make the front from quilted patchwork, unquilted patchwork, or from a single piece of fabric. Make the back enclosure from regular ties, long ties, wide ties, or hook and loop tape.

It's a great use of materials such as extra quilt blocks, fabric scraps, meaningful clothing, or a precious print that you just can't bring yourself to chop up. Have you ever made a really complex patchwork block (like foundation paper piecing) that you just don't see yourself making into an entire quilt? Make a pillow cover out of it!

Patchwork Pillow Cover free sewing pattern -

Tips + Tutorials

    • Just follow the pattern instructions for straight-forward sewing. We've included photos and simple wording to make this pattern easy to understand, no matter your skill level.
    • Watch our video tutorial for making the fabric ties. The Turn-It-All tool [Amazon] comes in really handy when turning the fabric ties right side out. This link is an affiliate link, which means that if you buy, we’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Please know that we have experience with this product, and we recommend it because it is helpful, not because of the small commission we'd make if you decide to purchase. Thanks!



    Inspiration + Ideas

    Patchwork Pillow Cover free sewing pattern -

    The example patchwork is made of 3 1/4" strips of 6 colors for a 16" pillow. Our Rainbow 12 Fat Quarter Bundles would make multiple pillow covers. Choose 6 colors for the front, 1 color for the back, and 1 for the ties. We used our Rainbow Value Three 12 FQ Kona Cotton fabric bundle:

    Our Projects

    See the pillow covers that we make:

    Others' Projects

    See what others are making and share your Patchwork Pillow Cover projects using #PatchworkPillowCover on Instagram or Facebook. And tag us @Sewfinity so we can see!

    Get the free pattern:

    Patchwork Pillow Cover - a Free Sewing Pattern -

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