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Linen Cashel 28 count - Sapphire Green

Linen Cashel 28 count - Sapphire Green


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Linen is a truly classic fabric for counted embroidery techniques such as cross stitch. It’s similar to evenweave fabric, meaning that it may (or may not!) have the same number of threads per inch both horizontally and vertically. But what makes linen unique (and more challenging) is the different thicknesses of threads and their inherent irregularity. The natural elegance of linen may be worth the extra effort, though!

Course fabrics with low thread counts (such as 28 count or lower) have bigger holes that are easy to see and so it’s easier to track your stitches. Finer fabrics with higher thread counts (such as 32 count or higher) are more difficult to see and track, but give a more detailed and smaller stitching design.

This is "Cashel" linen is 100% linen, made in Germany, and is 28 count (threads per inch). An elegant linen with a soft touch. Stitching on linen is often worked “over 2” threads of the fabric (instead of “over 1” for Aida), since the fabric has so many holes.

Available fabric sizes:
13“ x 18” fat eighth
18“ x 27” fat quarter
27“ x 36” fat half

DMC Embroidery Floss color match: DMC 927 Light Gray Green

Recommended needle: Tapestry size 24

While every effort is made to represent color accurately, every monitor is different and we cannot guarantee the colors you see will match the colors of the actual fabric.

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