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MonoPoly 100wt Thread Spool - Clear

MonoPoly 100wt Thread Spool - Clear

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2,200 yards of 100-weight 100% polyester thread. MonoPoly is a reduced-sheen polyester monofilament invisible thread. Available in two colors: Clear (for light fabrics) and Smoke (for dark fabrics). Also included: a thread net to keep the thread tidy on the spool.

MonoPoly is .004 inches in diameter, making it a very fine thread. It's strong with a low stretch, soft and pliable, heat resistant, iron and dryer safe at medium heat, and will not discolor or become brittle over time. Unlike nylon invisible thread, polyester is more flexible, not as stiff, and can be easier to work with.

Great for invisible thread applications. Fantastic for machine quilting and invisible applique. Recommended needle: Superior Topstitch #70/10

Also excellent for hand sewing cording to finish cross stitch and needlepoint ornaments - your stitches will be practically invisible! 

Made in Taiwan

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