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Stiletto and Pressing Tool

Stiletto and Pressing Tool

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This multi-purpose tool is so helpful for sewing: one end is a stiletto, the other end is a pressing tool, and it's held together by a handle made of finished beech wood. The flat areas on the handle prevent the tool from rolling off your sewing table - nice!

The stiletto holds fabrics in place as you sew with your sewing machine, allowing accurate and precise alignment, especially handy for attaching bindings. You can keep the tip of the stiletto in place on the fabric almost until the needle reaches the point. Much safer than getting your fingers that close! This stiletto is truly unique in that it's made of German high-carbon steel that is sand-ground, giving a rough surface that seems to magically grab and hold on to your fabric.

The pressing end is angled at just the right degree to make a surface for pressing seams open. 

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